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Parents/Students Remarks

Mother of Tanushree

EMA games and activities have helped my child to be more friendly, has helped in learning many types of games & sharing as well. As in today busy schedule & life, the children has forgotten to play different types of games. It is because of the club like EMA which has encouraged such games & getting them trained also for development of character as well. EMA has helped in development of concentration.

Father of Devarya Seth

My son Devarya is an energetic child. In fact sometimes his over activeness used to make me nervous as he would refuse to sit at one place and study and often I used to get complaints that he had hit other children in class and neighborhood, but Martial Arts has changed him a lot. It has channelized his energy and increased his concentration. I have stopped getting complaints now! Continuing with Martial Arts will surely improve him further and develop his personality.

Mother of Tanesha

Lack of confidence, fear of feeling inferior is widely spread among young children. But Martial Arts equip you with skills – both physical and mental to help you defend yourself. Every child should get Martial Arts training. My daughter was very shy but after joining Martial Arts she has gained self-confidence. Hats off to the EMA who is doing the efforts by teaching them various exercises and Yoga. Keep it up!

Father of Ojas Gautam

In the beginning, Ojas used to give excuse for not going regularly, but now gradually he has developed interest in Martial Arts. A little encouragement boost from the staff of EMA also give a different energy level. Yesterday he was very happily showing her mother that Sir has touched my Biceps & told that they are becoming stronger. So on the whole when person/child starts enjoying their objectives the result reflects automatically.

After joining EMA

Aneesh have become very active and confident than before. We find very homely and nice atmosphere at EMA. All the Instructors are very cooperative.

Mother of Ishani Jaiswal

Though Ishani has joined EMA a month ago but the change I saw in her is that she has almost said no to the junk food which she used to eat regularly. She gained lot of patience also..

Mother of Uday & Vivek

Physical and Mental development, change in behavior, improvement in habits also, confidence level improved and personality development has taken place.

Mother of Nehal Khosla

Nehal has started eating all vegetables. She enjoys pumpkin the most. This is mainly because of the initiative taken by EMA in educating children regarding benefits of vegetables.

Parents of Ivana & Yuvraj Pahwa

Though it’s not been even a month since my kids have joined Martial Arts, I do see a drastic change in them. While among other children they feel so confident as if they have already attained their Black Belt. I am extremely happy that my children are enjoying their classes and the Instructors of EMA are doing an excellent job.

Manan Jaiswal

EMA has definitely helped me to encourage me to push myself to do the best not only in the field of Martial Arts but also in other fields of life as well. I feel physically and mentally more active than before. EMA has helped me to channelize my energy in a positive manner. Mentally I feel more confident and balanced. The training session at EMA is very disciplined, efficient and effective.

If we want to be good human being, then start it from our own home. Try to help everybody at your home. I also want to b a good girl so I also help everybody at home as well as school. My teacher appreciate me being a helpful girl. I help my mama in the kitchen and my Papa to clean the car and scooter. My parents do everything for me and I also want to do something for them. I pray to God for them.

Mrs. Suman Bala (Mother of Karan Kumar)

Extreme Martial Arts program has helped our child in developing good behavior, concentration, confidence and he has showed improvement in study and games also. He has started helping his mother and father in every work in the home as well as outside.

Mr Shantanu (Father of Tushar Moitra)

I find the boy is gaining confidence gradually. He is more active and obedient. There is definitely improvement in his studies and the boy is very serious about his practice for Martial Arts, specially stretching and he don’t want to miss a single day of his class.

Mrs Shashi Gupta (Grandmother of Khushboo Gupta)

She has started to obey us and she is helping others. She has shown a little improvement in her patience level. Confidence has also been increased.

Mrs U.Jolly (Mother of Jagjit Singh Jolly)

When my son joined EMA he was a very shy and introvert child and now he has not only gained confidence but had become physically more active. I thanked EMA for bringing this change. The encouragement given to him has helped him in attaining self confidence.

Grandmother of Gurjasman Kaur

Now my granddaughter is more active and has gained tremendous interest in sports activities. She is now gaining more confidence in herself and pays more attention to whatever is said to her. There are lots of positive changes, I have seen in my granddaughter during her Martial Arts training.

Father of Jaspreet Singh Joy

EMA is doing great service for young generation by inculcating discipline, determination and healthy habits in them. His personality and thoughts have changed at large extend all because of EMA program. Earlier he was very hyper active boy but now his energy has been channelized positively and we are getting better results.

Mr Shalender Roy (Father of Aditya Roy)

Aditya is learning discipline but there should be regular meditation session for better concentration. He is picking up the things better than before.

Father of Jaspreet Singh Joy

EMA staff is not only imparting Martial Arts education but also enhancing the sense of responsibility, dedication and positive etiquettes in the students. Please continue the Grade system practice to judge the positive behavior of the child every week. Parents should also participate and interact with EMA to achieve their noble goal.

Mother of Rhea & Navya

My daughters have gained a lot more confidence after joining Martial Arts classes. They have also started doing small household chores and have gained stamina. I will suggest all the parents to enroll their child for EMA classes to make them confident, physically and mentally fit, and to make them disciplined child.

Mother of Paramvir

As my son is coming from the last year so I am thankful to you for making him more obedient towards his parents. He listens & observes whatever good points of other kids are told in class.

Mother of Ashish Mahajan

The program has indeed boosted the confidence and stamina of my son. The introduction of Job Card has motivated him to be more responsible and helpful towards us. However I request you to inculcate a meditation program to increase children concentration.

Mother of Ananta

EMA classes have definitely helped in inculcating self-defence in my daughter. The training has helped in boosting up her confidence as well. I feel, talk on interaction on healthy eating and healthy food habits will also help them in improving their dietary habits.

Father of Manraj Singh Khera

My son is showing a good sign of health. He has improved his diet. His confidence. level is rising. He is a bit introvert. I wish he should mix up with people and make friends.

Mother of Rhea & Navya

The confidence of my daughters has improved a lot after joining the Extreme Martial Arts classes. They looks forward to every class with interest and particularly enjoys Friday’s class but their concentration still needs to be improved, which I am sure will increase with more classes.

Mother of Karan Kumar

Extreme Martial Arts is a great fun as well as great experience of my child. He feels very happy and excited to go for exercise daily. The three developments of Character, Concentration, & Confidence in my child are excellent. These developments will definitely help then in future. EMA Master B S Handa teaches exercises in a very excellent manner which every child enjoys.

Father of OjasGautam

My child is developing an interest in the activity. I have never found Ojas giving excuse for escaping class (Martial Arts). He has gained confidence & a sense of forgiveness. Once one of his friend was hitting him consistently in joyful mood, ultimately I had to intervene to stop that child for not doing do. I asked Ojas that why you did not hit him in return, his answer was that I have a stronger hand due to Martial Arts and I don™t want to misuse this art or to hurt someone. I don™t know that was the impact of classes or he had observed somewhere. Whatever it is but I admire his sense of patience & confidence to clarify his point of view.

Dr. Deeraj Khurana along with her daughter Rubica is getting training at EMA I am feeling more energetic, can cope up with work better and my confidence has improved a lot. EMA Discipline is good and their method of training is well structured.

Parents of Ishani Jaiswal

She has become more confident now and has more of a winning spirit. Pogo Competition was a nice event which boosted the confidence of the students. We parents are happy to see our children in sporting fighting spirit. EMA is at its best and doing well. No need for any suggestion.

Sachin Kumar

After joining EMA I feel more energetic, enthusiastic, confident, co-ordination has improved. Now I can concentrate much better on my studies. The most important benefit which I got from EEMAMA is relief from BRONCHITIS ASTHAMA, which was not being cured by medicines since last 7 years. Discipline is good, EMA Instructors are so energetic that they inspire us to perform better, method of training is so simple and technical that nobody faces any difficulty in learning.

Karanbir Singh

I have become quite active and energetic now. It has helped me instill self-confidence and tolerance in daily life. The training at EMA is very good. It really pushes oneself to their limits.

Rishi Kohli

The training is very good, energetic, very professional and learned, full of experience which enriches the session.

Satish Kumar

My stamina, confidence has increased. I have become more active. My thinking has also gone positive. EMA has systematic and experienced instructors and they are maintaining a relation with students as family. I really appreciate it.

Mandeep Parkash

I feel self-disciplined, healthy and more confident after joining EMA. The club is having strict rules and regulations, maintaining proper discipline, time management and has a very high standard.

Naina Kansal

I joined Martial Arts just because being sports personal I wanted to do some exercises in morning time but I am feeling awesome and now I want to learn till my Black Belt. The discipline at EMA is very good.

Parents of Arsh Kashyap

Initially he was very reluctant in eating vegetables and he used to leave his vegetables in plates & now he always eats his food properly and do not leave any leftover in his plate.

Mother of Anukarsh Chopra

Anukarsh joined the Martial Arts Course early in his life and could develop a very good flexible body structure. He is very good at stretching and with encouragement from EMA ha has gained confidence. EMA should concentrate more on making him develop further.

Mother of Jaskirat Singh

Jaskirat has become strong, confident and obedient child.

Mother of Karan Gawri

It is a great art to uplift confidence. It also helps to become strong.

Mother of Sehej Punjanveer

There are some changes in my child. I feel still he has to improve a lot as he is happy to go to Martial Arts classes.

Mother of Aditya & Shewta

Their physical activities have improved.

Mr. Subhash Bansal (Father of Sumehak & Saawar Bansal)

In the starting he was very healthy but now his weight has been decreased. His stamina has also increased.

Mrs Darshana (Mother of Nidhi Shah)

She has built a good sportsmen spirit and gained stamina.

Mr Rajsh Bansal (Father of Abhishek Bansal)

After joining the EMA the physique and stamina of my son has improved..

Mrs Anju Mittal (Mother of Sakshi & Dhruv Mittal)

EMA has really helped to improve their confidence and concentration in studies more over they behaves nicely to everyone at home and in school.

Mr. R.S Hundal (Father of Vivek Kaur)

Overall development has taken place, increased activeness and a visible positive attitude in him.

Mr. R.S Hundal (Father of Uday Singh)

Both physically & mentally development is there, behavior has changed, they are more active, enhanced self- confidence and has gained an authoritative in speech.

Mr Rajesh Sharma (Father of Atulya Sharma)

The will power of the child has been increased and he is very much interested to learn more.

Mother of Rhea & Navya

I am very happy with the way you are conducting the classes and I am sure that my child will be able to get a new belt under your able coaching.

Aakarsh Chopra

I have become more confident, physically active, gained self-control. EMA is very organized. It focuses on training rather than winning belts or medals.

Avtaar Singh Chambial

After joining EMA, I have gained my confidence level and become more active now.

Rubica Khurana

I feel more energetic, healthy and fit than earlier.

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