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EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Program

Under this program EMA is conducting Seminars and Workshops to empower the females with safety tips and training with very easy and daily use items in order to protect themselves from those who would do them any harm.

Self-Defence is for everybody.Today almost everyone from teenagers to grannies, from office executives to retired couples, has recognized the need for at least a basic knowledge of simple self-protection measures.

To learn a martial art can be very rewarding at a personal development level and can be an excellent form of self-defence, but for most people the training and discipline required to participate fully is just not within their scope. However, people who have little physical skill can easily absorb and use the basic form of self-defence.

Seminars held at:

Private Sectors:

  • Bal Bhawan, Phase 5, Mohali
  • Infosys, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Chandigarh
  • 94.3 MyFM Studio, Sector 24, Chandigarh
  • Dainik Bhaskar Office, Sector 24, Chandigarh
  • Cheema Boilers Ltd, Sector 70, Mohali
  • Procter & Gamble Home Product Limited, Baddi
  • Dell International Services Pvt Ltd, Mohali.
  • WeP Solutions Ltd., Baddi
  • Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Chandigarh
  • Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Baddi
  • AISIN Automotive Haryana Pvt. Ltd., Rohtak
  • Aircel Regional Office, Mohali
  • The Lalit Chandigarh, IT Park, Chandigarh
  • P&G Gillette India Ltd.
  • Netsmartz House, Plot No. 10, Rajiv Gandhi I.T. Park, Chandigarh


  • Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University, Chandigarh
  • Chitkara University at Rajpura, Punjab
  • Punjab Engineering College, Sector 12, Chandigarh
  • Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab


  • Plaza, Sector 17, Chandigarh
  • Book Fair, Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh (18/Nov/13)
  • Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan, Sector 15, Chandigarh
  • HQ 12 Signals (For Army Personal’s Wife)

Govt. Institutions:

  • Government Museum and Art Gallery, Sector 10, Chandigarh
  • National Institute of Nursing Education (NINE), PGI, Chandigarh
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sector 12, Chandigarh


  • Government Polytechnic College, Khunimajra, Mohali
  • Shri Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sector 26, Chandigarh
  • Dev Samaj College for Women (Hostel Students), Sector 45, Chandigarh
  • Home Science College, Sector 10, Chandigarh
  • SD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh
  • Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali
  • Govt. College, Ropar


  • The British School, Sector 8, Panchkula
  • The British School, Sector 44, Chandigarh
  • The British School, Sector 70, Mohali
  • The Millennium School, Sector 67, Mohali
  • St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School, Sector 37, Chandigarh
  • Shamrock Senior Secondary School, Sector 69, Mohali
  • Govt.High School Manimajra
  • Saffron Public School, Phagwara


  • Humanity Group, Sector 44, Chandigarh

Self Defence Seminar held at LM Thapar School of Management, Dera Bassi, Rājpura, Punjab

A self defence seminar was held at at at LM Thapar School of Management, Dera Bassi, Rājpura, Punjab on 20th November 2021 where many girls attended and felt more stronger after the seminar. They felt that these types of seminar or workshop should be held time to time to aware the self safety tips and tricks.

Our Online Martial Arts Classes still on

Yes we are stil looking forward to enroll more students for our online martial arts classes. The online classes are still running and students are enjoying its benefits. Just message us “Online” to enroll with us at 9216444949.

Self Defence Techniques by B S Handa- Extreme Martial Arts Chandigarh

Self Defence Techniques by B S Handa- Extreme Martial Arts Chandigarh

We offer you the most exciting, thrilling and life-shaping journey through Martial Arts. Along with intense workouts, we teach you discipline, meditation, self-defense for getting the most of life physically, mentally, spiritually. At Extreme Martial Arts Academy, we hammer out to set new rules to get you supreme self-confidence, self-esteem, experience weight loss, improves focus and makes you a person of great morals and values.

Fighting (Sparring) Week At EMA Sec 15, CHD

Join us for the feel of Kicks and learn the latest techniques used for sparring (fighting) in Taekwondo. Master B S Handa (International Asian Player) with 47 years of experience will train you along with his team and help you learn the basic to advance levels. Call now at 9216444949, 7888721512 7380009222 for joining.

Self Defence Seminar at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development – Chandigarh

A Workshop on Disaster Management, organised by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development- Chandigarh. The Workshop was conducted by martial arts expert, Master B.S Handa, Black Belt 6th Dan (Kukkiwon, Korea).

Talking about the workshop, martial arts expert, Mr. B.S Handa told, “It happened a lot many times that I listened to few disturbing incidents happening with young girls and even elderly women. May it be the eve-teasing or stalking, all these incidents forced me to organised this camp where the females can learn to defend themselves from the goons.”To boost up the self-confidence among women and to make them prepare to fight back. A 5 Day Workshop on Disaster Management workshop was orgnized by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Regional Center from 10-14 July, 2017, attended by selected NCC candidates from North Zone for this self-defense workshop.

As this is a special camp, it is designed to make the participant more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in their everyday life on any given day which would prove to be helpful for them. The participants learned many techniques in this workshop.

Self Defence Seminar at Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Baddi

A Self Defence seminar was held at Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Baddi on 10-11th Jan 2017 where nearly 100 members took part in the Seminar as well as attended the workshop. Their comments are as under:

  • Manish Kumar: This training session was very helpful to protect ourself from any violence or any other sexual harassment and can be used to protect ourself and our family. And these exercises can make benefit us physically and can make us more flexible and active. And I believe that these seminars should be conducted in regular basis.
  • Pankaj Kumar: It was very informative training on self-defence. We learnt various techniques of self-defence. It was very good session. The trainer was very experienced and have very good presentation skills. He demonstrated all techniques in very easy way so that a lay man can also understand it easily.
  • Abhas Barman Roy: Training session delivered was awesome and I would like to take self-defence in depth.
  • Pankaj Pathania: This training is very beneficial for us. We can guide our family members to protect inside and outside home. We got to know how to use daily used things as weapons for our protection.
  • Manjot Kumar: Training was very fruitful, especially the practical part. Trainer with team was explaining all the things in very good manner.
  • Manjot Kumar Sharma: Very Good and informatory session. I learned many new things and techniques which can help me to defend from an attacker.
  • Shalini Kaushik: These types of training should be conducted time to time. Overall seminar was very good. I learned many new things to save my life.
  • Anjna: Session was very useful and learning. It helps one to make sensitize over the small techniques which are very useful in today’s world.
  • Vijaylakshmi: Feeling more independent and secure then earlier. Can defend myself better from any attack.
  • Ravinder Kumar: Its good for ourselves as well for our family members. It teaches how to handle the situation and react immediately, it’s a good form of exercise for body and have complete physical fitness.
  • Aditya Rana: Learnt how easily we can use our body parts to protect ourselves without using any extra force.
  • Ajay Kumar: Good learning, gain confidence about handling situations which can go worst. Feeling energized and fresh.

Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar

In collaboration with Inner Wheel Club Chandigarh Midtown, the Extreme Martial Arts conducted a Free Women Fight Back Self Defence seminar at Govt.High School Manimajra on 21st Nov 2013.Principal Mrs.Kund Bala Goyal, with their School Staff members, President Mrs.Rama Gupta and their members along with 200 girls of the school witness the Self Defence Seminar which was conducted by Master B S Handa, Harjot Singh Handa and Dev Narayan:

Self Defence Seminar at The National Institute of Nursing Education (NINE), PGI, Chandigarh.

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 22nd Mar 2013 at The National Institute of Nursing Education (NINE), PGI, Chandigarh.

Comments by the participants:
Charanpreet Kaur : It was a nice learning experience. As we learned how to protect ourselves and how to make use ofvarious things easily available with us and the whistle concept is also nice.

Parninder Kaur : You taught us very well about self defence techniques. It will really be very useful for us specially the techniques to be used in bus.

Bhawna: Enjoyed the lecture and learnt new things. I learnt how to defend ourselves in case of emergency. I want to attend the workshop.

Karamdeep Kaur : It was a learning experience and the lecture was delivered nicely and has provided us with very useful information that we can inculcate in our lives.

Maniz Panesar : These are little things which are always there around us. The important thing is to know about them. You made us know that, we are obliged.

Bhavika Choudhary: This lecture is really going to help us in future, to defend ourselves. I liked that whistle revolution part. It was really empowering lecture. May that whistle revolution will come soon.

Bhavika Choudhary: This lecture is really going to help us in future, to defend ourselves. I liked that whistle revolution part. It was really empowering lecture. May that whistle revolution will come soon.

Ramandeep Kaur “ Workshop on self defence was excellent. we came to know about a lot of strength power in ourselves which we can use to protect us from victims. Thank you after such an excellent workshop.

Deepika : it was a good session. It can help us a lot; through this I learnt that I have enough power to trouble shoot any emergency condition. Nice approach!!!

Amritpal Kaur : It is very nice attempt for women empowerment and strengthening. We came to know about the weapon that we can use at emergency time without seeking any sharp equipments.

Deepika Kumari : it is extremely good that you people came year and teaches us by such good demonstrations. I have faced such bad situations but I was not really aware at that time how to act but after this program I am sure that nest time I can fight, I can do something. Thank you very much.

Mandeep Kaur : it is excellent workshop and everyone must attend it. We have too many powers but we don’t know. Now after this workshop, I can be able to know that even I am less than anyone. I can know do anything, means I am totally independent and not a weak personality.

Jashandeep Kaur : we learnt a lot about self defence. It is really important for girls these days. We enjoyed also. Lecture delivered was very good. We came to know about the weapon we are having with us all the time.

Aphrna Joseph : Hit hard, Hit first, Hit low and stay unharmed.

Self Defence Seminar at Punjab Engineering College, Sec 11, Chandigarh

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 15th Mar 2013 at Punjab Engineering College, Sec 12, Chandigarh

Comments by the participants:

Sukhmani : It was a very informative workshop. I had a pleasure to attend it.

Arushi : Very good Demonstration. I learned a lot. I would like to see you again in the college.

Payal Niharika : it was very nice workshop. I got to learn a lot. It was wonderful to know how well everyone is equipped.

Heema Sharma : It was very good. I got to learn many things about self defence.

Nikita Varshney :  It was very good and useful. I am feeling much mire stronger and confident.

Sakshi Goyal : it was very good. I am feeling somewhat confident after attending it.

Shreya Kumar : Knowledge gaining experience, instilled confident.

Ravneet Kaur : wonderful workshop. Sir, I remember you; I have learned martial arts from you when I was in 8th standard. Good to see you after so many years.

Sonam : I liked it. I mean I feel more confident after this. Hoping forward to attend workshop.

Disha Jinda :  it was really good. I got to know or I can say realized general things that we can do but don’t come to mind. So, thank you sir.

Bhavna : Awareness enhancement program was really good.

Chakshu Puri : Good experience. Never had this type of workshop on self defence.

Kamalpreet Kaur : it was very useful and interesting.

Sanjali : We got to know about a lot of things but is could be better for us if we could our self do have the practically. Seeing the things on the screen helped us a lot but practically may help more.

Shreya Jain : workshop was really nice. We got to learn a lot from it.

Ritu Aggarwal : Awareness is required among people today very much and you are spreading the same thing. So, you are doing a great job.

Geetika Gupta : It was good, informative. It really helped me to be aware to protect myself.

Self Defence Seminar at Dell International Services Pvt Ltd, Mohali

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 15th Mar 2013 at Dell International Services Pvt Ltd, Mohali.

Comments by the participants:

Natasha: Awsm tips, Great Help. Enhance lot of Self Confidence

Amrita: The session was very interactive and I am feeling very confident that I can save myself if in case I am in any kind of trouble.So the session was wonderful and was very knowledgeable.

Amandeep: Very informative and interesting session.Lots of learning. Great Tips!! Thank You.

Priya: Session was really very useful and has boosted the energy. It made us realize that we do not need anyone else to protect us. Need to attend more sessions.

Rubeka: Session was helpful. Got to know how we can use our body parts for self-defence.  Would love to attend more sessions.

Amandeep: It really helpful in teaching Self-defence techniques.

Parminder: Very helpful and informative session. Thank you.

Harsimran: We actually learnt good and new things. It is really Good!!

Amrinder: It was a good awareness session. Thanks a lot for tips and tricks.

Gunjan: It was nice and knowledgeable.

Priyanka: Your session was really very helpful. I look forward to any such workshop or trainings. Thank you!!

Preeti: Very Educating and Interesting. Helped to build our self-confidence.

Ranmeet: Tricks were easy to learn. Knowledgeable session.

Yamini: The session of amazing and taught very simple ways in which we can protect ourselves. Thanks for the session.

Ashima: It is very helpful and useful with easy tricks.

Harsimrat: It was very helpful and has boost Confidence in me, will try the tricks for sure. Thank you!!

Heena: Was good to learn bit of self-defence. Was very helpful. Thanks.

Amanmeet: It was a nice session. Come to know very easy tricks and tips to defend ourselves.

Neha: Training was good. Learned self-defence tricks.

Gitu: Very helpful tricks have been shared.

Priyanka: Great learning experience. The tricks are very helpful.

Shivani: Very Informative.

Simranjit: Very knowledgeable.

Gaganpreet: Awesome and lots of learning. Thanks

Payal: It was very helpful. Thank you.

Agreeta: It was a great leaning!! Thank you.

Self Defence Seminar at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 22th Feb 2013 at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali in association with Group “Atitvya”. Again the hall was jam packed. Nearly 1600 students attended the seminar.

Comments by the participants:

Krishna Sharma : I really appreciate your efforts for spreading such awareness among the masses as nowadays it has become really important from the fact we get to know about the increasing number of rape cases.

Deepika : I like the way you are helping the girls to protect themselves from the person who wants to harm them. Because self defence is important in today’s life specially for girls. Who are especially far from their homes…

Nishima : This seminar proved to be very useful for girls. This type of seminar should be conducted in college time to time as these prove very useful for girls to learn self defence. Techniques given by them were tremendous.

Preeti Arora : It was good and eye opener. Many innovative techniques had been used. It was really appreciating effort. Many new things had brought to notice of the students.

Lovepreet kaur : feel very good to attend this seminar they provide helpful in getting secure from another person. In daily life they need very important points to secure from other thanks to help in provide secure from another to provide important points.

Sumati Chadha : It was my good experience of attending seminar. I got good confidence to defense myself from any trouble. I really enjoyed it and got to know many things.

Gaganeet : Seminar war really good and get immense knowledge how to defend our self and how to use the things to protect our self and I get awareness about the techniques that are used for the defense mechanism. I really appreciate all the things that they used to make us aware. I get confidence a lot. Interesting.

Simranjeet Kaur :  Seminar was very good and we were aware of many things from this seminar for our protection and in future I want to attend other seminar.

Manpreet : Seminar revived various techniques in my mind and generated awareness regarding the methods for self defence.

Gurkiranjeet Kaur : it was excellent. I learned a lot how to save myself in any problem. This really encourages girls. I am really thankful to all your team for giving courage to us.

Japneet Kaur : Learnt pretty good techniques and never knew small things like pen/pencil key etc. were so amazingly effective for self defence. The seminar definitely did increase the confidence level.

Sukhjot Kaur : it is good for self defence of girls. The seminar was really good and helped me gaining confidence in myself. I am very thankful to sir for telling all these simple tricks.

Amanpreet kaur : It was good for self-defence of girls. This seminar was really good and helped me gaining confidence in myself. I am very thankful to sir and his team for telling all those simple tricks.

Amandeep Kaur : It was really excellent. I really learned a lot how to save myself from any problem. I am very thankful to you and all team of yours for giving courage to us.

Jashanjeet Kaur : it was a good experience. It is very helpful to save our dignity that is very much important for a girl.

Self Defence Seminar at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 20th Feb 2013 at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali in association with Group “Atitvya”. It was held in two sessions and every time the hall got house full.

Comments by the participants:

Amamnpreet Kaur : The seminar was really good and helped me gaining confidence in myself. I am very thankful to sir for telling all these simple tricks.

Jatinder Kaur : Thanks allot for making us aware. Now we have many ideas for our safety in homes or away from the home or also on the road. Now we are confident girl. And now we don’t have fear form anyone. Thank you.

Alpi Singh: Thank you for great workshop. This really inspired me allot and made me too confident about my own tricks. It help me be aware for mishappening which may occur in the surroundings anytime. It is really good for girls specially.

Davinder Kaur : very impressive seminar. It tells us very important things about which we use in our daily life and how to avoid by getting victimized.

Sheena Chawla : These tricks are very helpful for every human being who is in trouble like eve teasing, robbery, etc. This seminar must be conducted in every college and schools for making everyone aware about these tricks.

Indu Bala : Seminar was really impressive. I made me feel so strong that I really want to join and become a member of self defence activities. I want to learn more. I really want to became the member of you group.

Prabhjot Kaur : The seminar was very good and taught us many techniques to defend our self. It would definitely help people especially girls. Thanks a lot sir. Seminar motivated us a lot. Self defence is the best weapon. None can help us better than our self. These types of seminar are important as our studies. So, girls can never be the victims.

Gurmillanpreet Kaur – The seminar was really good and will really help me in many situations and steps of my life. Defence is must for a protection survival and I will be glad to be a part of your academy.

Kiran Priya Lohiya : We are very thankful to you for giving us your precious time and also very thankful for making aware, we have learnt to many things today and I hope if I will face any problem in future I will definitely face it will full confident.

Neha Parma : we really appreciates you for the bold actions you make us learn. We really learnt bold things after attending you seminar we are really thankful to you for your guide full action. Really you are doing a really good thing.

Anureet kaur : I joined this type of seminar first time in my life. It is too interesting and surely I am going to do it in my personal life. I like this workshop very much. Thanks a lot sir for giving us your special time.

Self Defence Seminar at SD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 12th Feb 2013 at SD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

Comments of the Participants:

Vashvani Singla : It has boosted my confidence. Now I can think of fighting back. Thanks for knowledge.

Madhuri Bansal : Good one, as learnt self defense technique easy to adapt, require no training and are effective.

Aastha Kashyap : it is a good source for self- defense and protection and also makes us confident and active.

Geetu Hasija : Simple things were told but really beneficial..! Quite good techniques..!

Anjali Mishara : Great job it is good initiative started by you all. Feeling grateful to you.

Ashima : Great job. Its feeling very good to learn from you something useful. Thank you so much.

Rinki : Martial arts is very important to a girl for safety. Because in India. Crimes are increasing. So I think every girl should get stronger for her safety.

Nobila : it was really good to learn certain tactics of self defense. It is really helping me walk confidently.

Kirti tholia : I really like this self defense session, I feel now I can protect myself.

Priyanka Goel : I think it was very good job and I also came to know this tricks or moves to protect myself.

Priya Gupta : Build confidence, give tricks for our safety which are very useful for us.

Neha Singla : Useful for girls, appreciated your efforts. Thank you.

Rishu : Seminar really helped in creating awareness about the bad incidents happening to girls. Precautions were helpful and life saving. Thanks a lot. Glad I attended this seminar.

Sharantit Kaur : This seminar was really impressive and helpful. It helped us to make us more active and aware towards such crimes against women. I would like to learn more. Thanks for visiting GGDSD College. J

Shivali choudhary : Knowledge gaining..! Protection Oriented..! Really Felt Confident! Get Going..!

Shubham Goyal : Very Interesting session. Helped to learn protected our self and increased self confidence.

Apoorva Rana : Martial arts is helpful for everyone to protect yourself. Feeling great and happy to learn something useful from you. Thank you.

Sandeep Kaur : This seminar has helped us in following ways:
* How to save ourself.
* What to do when we are in problem (efficient for women)
* Help us increase the confidence to face any problem.
* How we can use our body parts to save ourself.

Ekta Arya : It increased by confidence level more. I was really very impressed by the courage of nancy. The knowledge which B.S.Handa gave us, it will definitely help we people in future. I would like to join. I am really very impressed by this.

Sakshi Minnas : This seminar taught us a lot about self- defense. I got many new points how I will protect myself if something happens to me. I will surely want to join Martial arts as Taekwondo . I appreciate B.S. Handa sir for this. Thank you.

Manjinder Kaur : Through this seminar my confidence level is up as compare to earlier. Thanks to B.S. Handa. Now I know how to handle myself in difficult situations. Thanks allot sir.

Sonam : Very good for girls and everyone. Through this seminar I can feel the confidence level of mine is increased and can go outside home more confidently and can protect myself in any kind of situation.

Neha David : It was a good experience. I came to know how little things can be used as weapon for my defense.

Ashima : WTF is best source of spreading awareness and building confidence among girls. Since myself is a part of this form of martial arts, I feel it is very helpful.

Dr. Aruna Saini : Very well explained. It is really need of the hour when crime against women particularly young girls is on the rise.

Harmeet Kaur : It is very helpful and I came to know many defense activities which even I have thought ever. Very uncourageous.

Sheena : it is very informative and useful. Encourages girls will be more confident and bold now.

Karishma : It was a great seminar. Nice techniques. It helped to gain knowledge about self- defense.

Priya khokhar : Thank you for creating awareness about self defense which is very much in need.

Shubhani Agnihotri : It was very educative. I learned a lot from this program. I am walking out from here with lots of confidence. Now, I will tell my friends, how to protect themselves and make them strong. Thank you very much sir. J

Diksha : It is very helpful for us. We shall be very thankful to you for giving this knowledge.

Monika Saini : Seminar was too good and motivated us to protect our self against any kind of harm.

Prabhjot kaur : It is really good for girls. In life first time I join these classes. It is good.

Manila Arora : It is really a very nice technique of self defense. It would be really interested to learn more.

Pardeep kaur : (Applicable knowledge for the future) I like the most. It has boosted my confidence. Now I can think of fighting back instead of just running away. I am lucky to attend the seminar. I have learned many things. Thanks..!! To the team of EMA.

Lata : I like this seminar because during this seminar we taught lot about self defense. I appreciate Mr. Handa. Self defense is compulsory for everyone.

Swati Mittal : It was a very educative demo. Which really build up my confidence. Glad to be a part of it. Big thanks to the authorities for taking so much pain.

Meera Sharma : I was an excellent seminar, very well conducted giving practical training using easily available resources. Such programmers should be frequently, which should be conducted for the benefit of the society. Congratulations to the team led by Mr. Handa.

Prabhjot kaur : In today,s word, self defense being an essential learning in our life. So, this seminar was really very informative, inspiring to boost our self- confidence. Thanks for everything..!!

Simerpreet Kaur : Too Too good..!! Very helpful for girls. Awesome seminar. One of the best seminars for girls.

Tripti Mehra : just loved this seminar, wanted to learn more. It build lot of confidence in me, loved this tricks I learnt today. Really helped us a lot.

Jyoti Rawat :This is awesome to save everybody life. I learnt many more things from this seminar. Great seminar to aware girls.

Aarti Garg : It was a very great experience, because we learnt many things that how to protect ourselves. Best part of the seminar is that we learnt how to use own body part as weapon.

Manseerat Kaur : It was a great seminar. I got a lot of learn. It was very good to be a part of this seminar. It has given me more confidence and I believe that I will be surely able to fight back and protect myself in case any problem arises. Moreover, I have become more aware about avoiding such problems.

Self Defence Seminar at Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 7th Feb 2013 at Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Comments by the participants:

Neha Sharma : We have become more aware after this seminar. It is must for all girls.

Anu Aggarwal : We find the seminar really useful. We would like to know more tactics on this.

Manjeet Kaur : Good, boost up confidence, very informative. If you provide evening classes in PU, we shall be very grateful.

Amrit Pal Kaur : Informative, helpful, need of the hour. Can you please provide evening classes in PU or at least at weekends?

Harshita Sapra : I think today,s seminar will definitely change my various journey or further upcoming days.

Sapna Manchanda : It is very good. You gave us a lot of information about self defense mechanism. It is interesting and informative.

Divya : Very good seminar, lots of things to learn. This is very helpful for our life long journey.

Priya Sharma : Good seminar. Full of information. I want to join martial arts academy.

Reema Grover : Very helpful and effective, confidence building, positive effect.

Neha : You are doing a good job. First time I have attended something like this and this will really help me in future. Keep it up.

Gurpreet Kaur : I feel more confident after attending this seminar. I think it will prove more beneficial for long goal.

Simran Sandhu :Informative and good. I have learnt how simple things like key, pen, comb, phone etc. can help us when we are in problem. Great job. Thank you.

Priyanka : Very informative! Got to know about things which came handy.

Varsha Dhamenia : Self-defense technique was very helpful. So many things which we have they can be used as weapon for our protection is new and very helpful because attackers wouldn’t think that it can hit them.

Poorti Verma : Commendable efforts made to aware the girls how to help themselves on case of eve- teasing. These tricks taught were easy to understand and could prove very helpful.

Nupur : Excellent initiative. Must for all girls as students who unfortunately tend to ignore such practice which otherwise are necessary today.

Neha Thankur : it is great to attend this class. Now I am more confident to face this cruel world. And after attending this class we came to know the advantages of our body which are gifted weapon to us.

Vaishali Dua : it is really good. A good step to save our life and change the world.

Chamanjot Kaur : Very informative and helpful. Creates awareness and increase confidence. Essential in today’s time.

Disha Dhar : The seminar on self-defense was very nice. It made me aware a lot on defensive techniques. I travel in bus a lot so the seminar has enlightened me a lot. Thank you.

Diksha Thakur : This seminar helped me to know how can I help myself with very simple steps, I came to know about the sensitive body parts where I can hit.

Priya : It was encouraging and learnt a lot of simple techniques.

Nainy : Good ideas. Feel safer and more aware. Just difficult to implement when more people are around. Luck factor decreased.

Self Defence Seminar at Home Science College, Sector 10, Chandigarh

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 30th Jan 2013 at Home Science College, Sector 10, Chandigarh. More than 400 Students witness the Seminar.
Comments by the participants:

Vinita Goyal; I enjoyed this seminar. Due to this seminar, I got a lot of confidence, not too much but that much confidence that I can protect myself.

Sukhamdeep Kaur: I really like this, it just helps in developing confidence and very intelligent techniques are learned today.

Kanupriya: I like the seminar. I would say people should know to protect themselves. Nice seminar. I learned a lot, how we can use things in a better way, how we can protect ourselves in a better way.

Deepa Sundriyal: Martial Arts is very useful to all people. It is a very good way to protect or defense self from those who harm us. I am interested to learn it. It provides self-confidence, self-reliant for us.

Radhika: This was a very informative knowledge for me. I can protect myself with no anyone helps. This type of seminar grows up confidence in girls and help self-motivated and self-confidence. I am interested to learn it and thankful to you for giving instructions and talking about the latest social issues for being safe to our and all girls.

Shruti Sharma: This seminar on martial arts was just awesome. I gained a lot of confidence by attending it. I think that it should be an extra course in college and schools.

Shagun Bakshi: A very innovative class of martial arts and self-defense. Got to learn a lot from this class. Very enjoyable!

Bhumika Rishi: It was outstanding and we really enjoyed a lot. Now, we are aware of things around us and hence, we are ready to face them without any fear.

Shikha Verma: I have learned so much confidence and awareness and from a few things have got the awareness that how to protect our self from the second person. Enjoyed a lot and loved it. Very important, Loved it and gained confidence also.

Priya Mittal: Safety is everything. Thank you for enlightening us for our own safety. You do a great job.

Shivika: Very interesting. The techniques which were discussed and showed are very easy to implement in life.

Navneet Kaur: thanks for coming here and teaching so many simple techniques to us, which will definitely help us. Thanks.

Lili Kumari: It was so good. I gained so much confidence that I can also defense myself. If don’t have any equipment. Thank you!

Amandeep Kaur: it is very good and interesting. Now I can do what I can’t do before this seminar.

Raini Deb Barhan: I really liked it as it really helped us and gave me lots of information for self-defense. Three Cheers to you all.

Risha: Very nice. Confidence builds in me after listening to you. Thanks for encouraging us for self-defense.

Tanuja Sharma: This is a beneficial and safe technique for all the girls. I request mam that as soon as martial arts class start please let the college know about it because we are very much interested in it.

Manu Choudhary: I am feeling very confident after joining this seminar. And want to learn more things about self-defense. I am very thankful to master B.S Handa for giving us a nice seminar about self-defense.

Jashangeet Kaur: A very knowledge and helpful seminar for self-safety. Very new and easy tricks told to handle tough situations. Thanks a lot for providing us the knowledge and enhancing courage for our own help.

Harpreet Kaur: it was an amazing lecture. I learn a lot from this. Like I travel alone on the bus. So, for my protection. I learned so many things to protect myself. Thanks for giving us.

Arpana: I am so happy to learn Martial Arts and me have more confidence to learn about all things and I must like this seminar and martial arts information. Sir thankful to you comes to here and talks about self-defense. It is really a good job. Thankful to you sir.

Neeru: We are very empress and enthusing of this self-defense program. According to me every institution or organization try to provide the self-defense class to their students so that they can help their sake as well as others for good deed. Live fear free life and safe life. Able to face each and every phase of their life.

Savi Dua: it was really good training to develop confidence and removing fear. Form next time I want this thing or martial arts again but more action of that.

Vinita Goal: I enjoyed the seminar. Due to this seminar, I got a lot of confidence that I can protect myself.

Self Defence Seminar at Cheema Boilers Ltd, Sector 70, Mohali

EMA Women Fight Back Self Defence Seminar was held on 18th Jan 2013 at Cheema Boilers Ltd, Sector 70, Mohali.

Comments by Head-HR (S. S Cheema): The training imparted was good and was appreciated by all. It is the need of the hour. The employees were boosted for self safety after the training. It is great work please keep it up. The overall evaluation of the training was scored at 93%, which is on very higher side.

Comments by the participants:

Amampreet: Need this type of training in regular basis. It’s help us on Self Defence. Have learned many tips on Self Defence and how to protect us if any bad situation arises.

Nidhi Sharma: It was excellent seminar. It educate clever steps to save oneself from unwanted situations and how to protect our-self and how to use common things as a weapon in need. It was very useful for me.

Richa Sharma: This seminar is good for our awareness and also for self protection. It’s better if there are more classes regarding same.

Anjali: It is very good seminar for us. Now we can defend our-self with basic things. It has made me more stronger. I will convey the same techniques to my family and friends.

Self Defence Seminar at at Dev Samaj College for Women (Hostel Students), Chandigarh

Extreme Martial Arts Women Fight Back Self Defence Program held at Dev Samaj College for Women (Hostel Students), Chandigarh on 11th Jan 2012

Comments by the participants:

Kawaljeet Kaur: Thank you Extreme Martial Arts. You are doing a very good work and we praise you for that. Your techniques to deal with problems and eve-teasing will certainly protect us in future.

Himani Sachdeva: It was really a good effort to aware girls from the evil works that are happening around the world. I am really impressed with this seminar and now I can save my self from the tips told to us. Thanks a lot for teaching us Self Defence.

Nisha Rani: This self defence seminar is really very good and beneficial to us. I realize the importance of this seminar and from today onwards I will promise that whatever Handa Sir has taught us I will take care and will use those techniques when any trouble arises. I really want to thank Mr. B S Handa and all the team members for this seminar.

Renu Kamboj: It was wonderful experience to me. This one is the one of the best seminar in my life where I got the knowledge about the self defence. But at first, I din’t know about these tricks which help us and can easily save our life with just common things like comb, key etc. Thanks a lot for the knowledge given to us.

Manmeet Kaur: Seminar was excellent. I learn many things which can help us in worse conditions. And today it’s necessary to protect from bad people specially for girls. It makes girls brave and helps to face the conditions of Today’s world. I am thankful to you to make me a part of this seminar. Its really good for girls and request you to conduct the same in all girls School and Colleges so every girl become strong and achieves success in her life.

Pooja Junelia: I like very much this show, It’s was very interesting and knowledgeable. These tricks are very important for saving our life. So I will give my full contribution to your team and try to spread your tricks to friends, society and family. Thank you very much for this Knowledgeable show.

Romal Arora: Martial Art is something I feel that every women/girl should learn. After just watching the 1 hour seminar, I was filled with more confidence. For me martial arts are a way to keep in a great shape without running a treadmill. Confidence is the best shield against violence, and we can get through martial arts.

Samta: It was really very very good and also very useful for the girls to aware them about their self Defence. Today girls has to face many problems in their daily life even in the college, market and in the buses. With the help of martial arts a girl can face these problems strongly and also can fight at the time of problem. Thanks a lot for teaching us the techniques of Self Defence.

Baljinder Kaur: It’s a very good interesting program. We learnt a lot that how can protect ourselves from wrong persons using small things as weapons. I really thank Handa Sir to conduct this seminar in our Hostel, to aware girls about these things. It has also improved our confidence. Thanks a lot to Handa Sir and Humanity Team.

Kiran Raj: I really want to thank Mr. B S Handa and his team for great Self Defence Seminar and appreciate his team for doing this great job.

Vasvi Jain: It was very productive. Made us aware how we can save our selves just with small tactics. Thankyou for your valuable time and efforts. It was learning with fun!

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